Nokia 107 & 108 Dual Sim Phone Specs, Price And Review

India is a country where people are yet not ready to spend 5000 bucks to get a smart phone keeping this in mind many company both Indian as well as MNC comes up with budget conscious handset for such customer whose main concern is to make a call and listen to music.

Nokia which once was leader in this segment is facing tough competition from Samsung and Micromax and fined it positioned threatened has come with such dual sim based handset named Nokia 107 and Nokia 108 today we are going to have a close look at this two handset from Nokia.

Build and design

Both are bar phones whereas Nokia 108 measure 13.5 x 110.4 x 47 mm Nokia 107 measure 14.9 x 112.9 x 47.5 mm 108 is available in 5 colors namely red, yellow, blue, white and black whereas 107 is available in 3 colors red, black and white both the screen of the phone measure 1.8 inch and has QQVGA display with 128×160 pixels resolution and a pixel density of 114ppi Nokia 107 is heavier at 75.8 grams when compared to Nokia 108 at 70 grams.

Features and hardware

Both the phone comes with dual sim with dual stand by time like all other Nokia phone they are not dual active it means that when you uses one sim to make call the other sim is switched off but on standby mode both the sim is active to receive the call the phone has an FM radio and can play mp3 songs both the phone comes with an internal memory of mere 4 MB but while Nokia 107 can be extended up to 16 GB the Nokia 108 can be extended by up to 32 GB by the use of micro SD card.  Both the phones are based on Nokia’s Series 30+ software. When it come to camera there is no camera support for Nokia 107 but Nokia 108 has got a rear VGA camera the camera is there just for namesake there is nothing worth to write about it but considering the price band that is on expected line. Both the phone is equipped with Bluetooth slam features where you can send the file directly to another device without pairing the device.

Battery and Verdict

One of the strongest point of Nokia phone for which people around the globe prefer Nokia brand and the recent release of Nokia 107 & Nokia 108 is no expectation while Nokia 107 is equipped with a 1020mAH battery the Nokia 108 Dual-SIM comes with a 950mAh battery that can deliver up to 14 hours of talk time, and up to 600 hours of standby time.

So the two handset are budget handset priced at 1.7 and 1.8k respectively these is  strictly for person whose main function is to stay connected and is very tight on budget.

Good: Dual sim at cheap rate, good battery backup, Support of Micro SD card

Bad  : The camera is of namesake, No GPRS support

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